About Us

Welcome to Proline Marking Inc., where craftsmanship meets innovation. As a family-owned business located in Surrey, British Columbia, we extend our creative prowess and professional expertise to clients all across Canada.

Our journey started in 2013, driven by an unwavering commitment to precision in Industrial Laser Engraving and Etching.   Recognizing the demand for Promotional Product decoration and brand recognition we began working with local Promotion companies.   Soon after we introduced our own line of reasonably priced engraved water bottles.

In 2021, we marked another milestone by incorporating UV Printing into our repertoire, broadening the spectrum of possibilities. Today, our scope encompasses not only engraving and printing but also the distribution of a diverse array of promotional products.

At Proline Marking Inc., our foundation is built upon exacting quality, innovation, and an unrivaled dedication to customer satisfaction. Despite our official establishment in 2013, our team boasts a collective experience of over 33 years in the realms of Marketing, Operations, and Branding.  The current owners and operators, Carla and Ron Kolb, acquired the business in 2021 from Martin Schwuchow. While Martin may be officially retired, he occasionally still offers consultation and technical guidance.

Customers turn to us to breathe life into their ideas, to laser engrave, etch, mark, and UV Print a plethora of products and materials. Armed with cutting-edge fiber and carbon dioxide laser technology, we wield the power to etch contrasting marks on metals, non-metal coated surfaces, and even organic materials such as leather and fabrics. Our UV Printer unlocks the ability to professionally imprint logos and high-quality images in a myriad of colors on virtually any flat surface.

Whether you seek branded drinkware, promotional items, or gifts that leave a lasting impression, we are your trusted partners in this creative journey. Our commitment is unwavering: projects delivered on-time, within budget, and consistently exceeding the highest standards of quality.

Let Proline Marking Inc. put your mark on it!

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