20 oz. EcoVessel Boulder Bottle

20 oz. EcoVessel Boulder Bottle

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$30.00 each

EcoVessel is a line of premium reusable products that push the boundaries of what’s possible in a bottle. Better insulation, better features, better vessel.

20 oz/591 ml

EcoVessel features value-added features built into our products including softlanding silicone bases, strainers for tea, fruit and ice and multiple leak proof interchangeable lids. The signature TriMax® Triple Insulation hydration vessls have been independently tested to outperform the competition. The superior conductive property of copper evenly maintains the temperature throughout the bottle, enhancing the insulation.

The Reflecta® Insulated Lids are designed so liquids don’t touch plastic and they use the insulating properties of stainless steel to provide maximum hot and cold retention. EcoVessel come with a 100 year warranty ensuring long-lasting quality that lasts a lifetime.