Laser Engraving Services

Proline Marking provides precision laser engraving and marking services. Laser engraving and marking is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to silk screening, pad printing, stamping, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, and many other costly, lower quality processes. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail unmatched by any other engraving method.

Many manufactured and imported components need marking or branding in the form of logos, serial numbers, product codes or user instructions and warnings. Using a laser to mark this information gives a permanent, aesthetic and non-damaging solution. Parts can be directly marked and this can be useful where labels must be avoided.

Our laser marking job shop can work with many materials such as aerospace components, automotive parts, medical equipment and supplies, scientific instruments, controls, semiconductor components, pens, trophies, jewelry, camera parts, industrial parts, signage, metal objects, plastics and much more.  Read more about the materials that can be engraved or marked.

Markings may be used for identification, traceability, serialization, promotion, advertising, marketing, imaging and other unique purposes. Marking can be applied on flat, curved or cylindrical parts, components and articles.

Whether you need a small batch of custom engraving done, or a high volume of materials marked, Proline Marking can meet your requirements. We will work with you to ensure your creative design, graphic or text is properly sized and safely positioned prior to the commencement of each job.

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