Laser Marking Technology

Proline Marking utilizes the latest fiber laser marking system available on the market today. The engine of the laser machine we utilize is manufactured by SPI Lasers and combined into a system by a laser marking equipment integrator. SPI Lasers’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Southampton, UK and is registered to the international quality standard ISO9001. See stainless steel engraved image on left courtesy of SPI lasers.

The principle of operation is based on a 1064 nm wave length signal generated by the laser source and amplified in an optical fiber cable. This amplified signal then travels through a collimator which aligns the laser beam. The beam then travels through a galvanometric head which is equipped with two mirrors and an f-theta lens that focus the beam onto the workpiece surface.

The marking system can produce a small focused beam spot size of less than 0.001 inch in diameter. This can create engraving and marking images that are not only small but also very accurate with a fine resolution. The focused beam treats a small area (and depth) of material consistently, and little heat is generated in the surrounding area. This allows high quality precision marking to be performed on intricate component parts without causing distortion or damage.

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